Would using prescribed fire in planted pines or hardwood produce the browse?

By Grant Woods,

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I’ve got a property I’ve hunted for 10 years and it’s never been burned since I’ve hunted it. I’m looking to burn it this spring. I was curious where would I benefit the most in creating browse for deer, burning planted pines or in hardwoods?


It depends on if more sun is reaching the soil in the hardwoods or pines?  Another factor is the past cultural practices at both stands.  If the planted pines are in an old crop field there may not be a good native browse seed base left due to past practices.  

I suggest looking for hints.  Are there more desirable plants growing under the hardwoods for pines now?  Whichever one is showing the most potential is probably the one I’d select to use prescribed fire.

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February 21, 2016