Winter Food Plot Crops in Michigan

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Thank you for the great information that you provide every week on your show, it is great to finally have a show that that puts the creator first.

I live in Michigan where baiting is no longer allowed, which means no mineral licks.  All of the crops around me are corn, which is harvested then disked under every year.  I lease 250 acres with about 2 acres available to plant in food plots (4 different locations).  What would be the best seeds to plant in those areas?  Two of the food plot locations are shady with only about 4 to 5 hours of sunlight during the summer months.  Thank you again for the awesome show.



Thank you for the kind words!  It sounds as if you could have a fabulous situation!  The local commercial agricultural fields provide quality food during the warm season.  This is especially true if some of the neighboring acreage is planted in soybeans as corn forage is rarely consumed by deer during the growing season.  If that’s the case, I recommend concentrating on providing quality forage during the hunting season.  Heavily fertilized rye grain (not rye grass) and brassicas provide great cold season forage!!  If the deer density is relatively high in your neighborhood, a Gallagher Food Plot Protection fence may be necessary to protect the crops from over browsing until you are ready to hunt.

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