Will you help us with a forestry plan on our 100 acres in Pennsylvania?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Grant,
Thank you for responding to our question.
Sorry we missed Matt when he was in Ohio. I was actually in South Dakota pheasant hunting.
You had mentioned you would be in PA in February.
We were wondering what it would cost (quote) for you to come visit our 100 acres in PA?
Looking for a management plan.
Like we said we have a mix of red oaks, maple, beech, poplar, cherry, shag bark hickory, a few white oaks etc.

We have had two different foresters take look but unfortunately they gave us two different opinions and we were more confused after talking to them.

We are killing deer but we feel the property could be better.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Duane and Lois

Duane and Lois,

There are always lots of options of how to manage timber.  A good plan will be based on the landowners’ objectives, local timber markets, etc. 

I’m traveling literally portions of every week during January, February, and March.  If you are close to one of the towns where I’ll be speaking I might be able to alter my flight and tour your property.  Why don’t you send your address and more details about your property to info@GrowingDeer.tv.  

Enjoy creation,


December 26, 2015