Will soybeans grow on rocky ridge tops in Tennessee?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr Grant
I have a large tract of land that is located in the hills of Tennessee. Everything is ridge tops and steep hollers not really suitable for good food plots like soybeans or corn. The main food source is oaks and natural browse. I feel like any type of food plots that I could add to this farm would help with the overall health of the heard. I plan to clear a couple areas this spring. What type of plants would you recommend? This is not ideal soil and some of it could be rocky. Would something as simple as winter wheat be beneficial? Thanks and I love your website!


My place is also very steep and rocky!  There was no topsoil (literally) when I started.  There was no where I could get an 1″ of soil in a shovel.  I simply killed the existing weeds, did a soil test, added the appropriate amount of lime and fertilizer (www.AntlerDirt.com) and drilled in soybeans.

Soybeans are very drought resistant and easy to grow.  The plots you see at my place can be grown on yours!  Simply follow the techniques we show and you’ll be amazed at what grows! 

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December 21, 2015