Will I have to water my food plot if it doesn’t rain?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,

i hunt on many farms where they grow crops such as clover, corn and soy beans. I just got promission to hunt where there is no food crops at all and wanted to put a small one in but im worried about if we dont get that much rain how would i water so it can grow to its full potential. Thanks for making a great show that i rewatch everyday and hope one day can have the same sucess as you and your team.

thanks for what you do, Mike G.


Thanks for sharing the encouraging words!

You are correct that drought can have a very negative impact on forage crops.  It’s rarely possible to irrigate food plot crops given they are often in remote locations.  That’s one reason why I like Eagle Seeds Big Fellow variety (www.EagleSeed.com) of forage soybeans.  This variety has been bred to be very drought resistant. In addition, I use very limited tillage so soil moisture is conserved.  Even with all these precautions my food plots aren’t as productive as normal during drought conditions. The more severe the drought, the less productive my crops.

It’s not practical to haul water to most food plots.  As an example to cover an acre with 1/2 inch of water requires 27,000 gallons!  It’s much better to plant drought resistant crops and use sound conservation tillage practices.

Enjoy creation,


February 23, 2016