Will fawns survive if the doe is harvested?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr Woods,
I understand doe harvest is generally an essential part of responsible herd management. I’ve always wondered if killing does with fawns reduces that fawns chance of survival through winter. Should I try to only harvest does without fawns, or is this something I shouldn’t worry about? The last thing I want to do is kill a doe which could eventually lead to the death of two buck fawns. Thank you for the resource you provide to all of us hunters, and the Christian example you set in the hunting industry.


Each state sets their antlerless season so that the vast majority of fawns are able to survive independently.  There always the odd late born fawn, but those should be the rare exception.  If does are to be harvested, I tag the doe that presents a good opportunity unless I see a very immature fawn (spotted) with the doe.

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January 25, 2016