Will fawns bred earlier this winter due to the warmer conditions?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant sir, I’m sorry if I ask too many questions….You often teach that the so called “second rut” happens when the fawns reach 70 lb’s and sexual maturity. my experience matches yours, for this, at around Dec 10-11. Do you think that the mild and warm year we have had, across the Midwest, will make this happen earlier? Or possibly just all happen nocturnally? Congrats on growing and killing that recent buck.


I doubt fawns will reach puberty (weigh approximately 70 pounds) earlier this year compared to most.  I suspect deer will be more active during the night due to the warm daytime temperatures.  Deer will need to regulate their body temperatures by adjusting when they are active, what they eat, and the habitat they use.

Enjoy creation and I hope a cold front passes where you hunt soon!


December 10, 2015