Will deer use trails that I create by removing debris?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Mr. Woods, thanks for the good info!! I broadcasted my Broadside just after a rainstorm (and at the start of a second round) and I was surprised to see how good it worked. I got soaked but it’s worth it when I have deer in my plot when the snow hits!! My question to you is, I hunt small acreage and I’m surrounded by other hunters. Do you think I could manipulate trails in the woods by making trails and blocking others off? Basically cutting small trees to build up sides of a trail, blowing out leaves and debris creating small pinch points and cut throughs in my favor. Would it be worth it or should I let deer naturally come through with other hunters pushing them?

Thanks again!!



Deer will often use trails created by removing debris, etc.  This is a technique I use to encourage deer to travel within range of stands.  This works especially well in thick areas.

Likewise trails can be blocked but deer often just go around the block and don’t abandon the trail.

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