Will bucks return to this area after it has flooded?

By Grant Woods,

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Have watched almost every video you have uploaded and your have taught me so much. Can’t wait to watch the videos coming this fall.
My question is i hunt in Posey County, Indiana right where the mouth of big creek flows into the wabash river. 1/4 mile northeast is hills that run for miles all through Posey County. My woods is around 60-70 acres that we hunt and its been underwater for over a month this summer. Every year the deer run this creek bottom, jump the road, and then come into my woods. What would be your tactic to get the bucks lured in to this piece of property this fall due to them being pushed out all summer and crops gone?

-Stands are red dots.
Thanks and goodluck chasing whitetails this fall!


It looks like you have a very nice spot to hunt!!  It appears to be a natural travel corridor and bedding area.  I suspect bucks will return to the area and begin using it as a travel corridor again soon!  
You should have a great season!  Keep us posted!!