Will bucks hand around where they shed their antlers?

By Grant Woods,

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When u find a shed is that where bucks are hanging around in the winter months when there’s not a lot of food and will they be around them spots come September?


Deer rarely leave their home range.  However, they will certainly use different parts of their range based on the conditions and resources available.  For example, deer may shift to using an area where oak trees are when acorns are present and then use a different part of their range when acorns are no longer available.  Rarely do food or cover resources change significantly during the late winter and deer tend to remain in the same area during this time of year.  

Deer may certainly use a different part of their range during September than during the late winter months!  I try to know where the current best sources of food, cover, and water are and look for deer accordingly.  Remember that safety is a deer’s primary concern so quality sources of food, cover, and water that deer don’t associate with danger are the best places to scout!

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January 23, 2016