Will a buck return to a stand if I shot over it with a crossbow?

By Grant Woods,

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I am hunting in Surry County, in the tidewater region of Virginia. I shot at a nice buck on the second weekend of bow season last sunday (October 11) and unfortunately pulled up on my crossbow when I shot. The deer was not hit at all, nor did he see me. What would be your thoughts on hunting that stand for the rest of the season? Will a bucks behavior and pattern change from a crossbow shot like that?


Deer tend to be much more alerted by smell than sound. If the buck didn’t smell you then I doubt he’ll avoid the area very long.  Daniel (works for me) shot over a doe last week and was able to grab another arrow and shoot again. Prime bows are very quiet, but I was still amazed when I watched the video. It will air next week.  

Mature bucks rarely leave their home range.  They may change to using a different portion of their range based on changes in food supplies, being alerted, etc.  If the food resources haven’t changed and the buck didn’t smell you, I suspect he’s still using the same area.

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October 14, 2015