Wildlife Degree at the University of Georgia

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Hey Dr. Grant,

I am attending school at Troy University in Troy, Alabama.  I am a freshman majoring in biology.  I am interested in the Wildlife Biology program at UGA.  Are you still involved in that program and if so are you teaching undergrads or only the masters program?

Thank You!



If you plan to work as a wildlife biologist, especially if you wish to work with game species, then you would benefit from switching to a school that has a wildlife biology or wildlife management program.  The program at the University of Georgia has a great track record of their grads getting a job as a wildlife biologist.

I don’t teach any classes at the University of Georgia.  I have been blessed to work with some undergrad and graduate students there as an advisor.  At this point in my career, I strongly prefer field work to the classroom.  I enjoy leading field trips for wildlife classes where the students can actually see, touch, and smell the habitat and critters they’ve been studying in the classroom.

No matter where you attend school, remember that communication skills are critical to being a good wildlife biologist.  Your entire career will succeed or fail on how well you communicate your knowledge with your fellow wildlife biologists and resource users.  Make sure your oral and written communication skills are fine tuned!

Keep focused and seek chances to get experience.  Ask practicing wildlife biologists if you can assist with their field work.  Do an internship every summer if you can.  Attempt to work in different geographic areas so you can see different habitats and techniques.  Some internships don’t pay much now, but if you work hard they can pay great dividends throughout the remainder of your career.

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