What can I do to rid my property of wild hogs?

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I have enjoyed your recent trapping series.  We have our fair share of raccoons and coyotes, however, the bigger problem we have on our property in Mississippi is hogs.  We have heard for years that land south of us had witnessed pigs on their properties and they were expanding north.  Last year was our first time to see them and a year later they are really beginning to hurt our acorn crop and are rooting-up our fields.  We are scared that if the growth continues at this rate our property and the available nutrition for the deer and turkeys could be greatly impacted.

Do you have any wisdom that could help us control these aggressive pests?



I am sorry to hear that hogs have reached your property.  They can wreak havoc.  The most effective method of reducing hog numbers is trapping.  I strongly recommend you attempt to limit the hogs with a very aggressive plan.  This will be much less expensive than the damage they will cause.  This requires setting up a large trap (fenced in area with a gate) that allows a group to fit within.  There are gads of setups out there.  The second recommendation is to never let any leave alive.  Hogs are highly intelligent animals and quick to learn.

In addition to trapping always take the opportunity to remove any you see while hunting or working on the property.  I’ve worked on properties in that part of the world that removed over 180+ hogs per year and they kept on coming.  So buckle down and be prepared for a long road ahead.  I consider wild hogs extremely damaging to native habitat and critters.  I dispatch each one I can.

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