Why don’t you do a show about mule deer?

By Grant Woods,

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I watch your videos every week, and even though I hunt on public land, I find some interesting nuggets in your videos. One thing that I have noticed, is that you do not address MULE deer hunting. Being in Southern Idaho, the only type of deer around here is Mulies. White Tails are farther North. Maybe a video, pointing out the differences, and similarities between these two species of deer maybe of interest for your many viewers. Also I was wondering if you have any suggestions for hunting Elk, bear, wolves, or any other creature that has a hunting season.


I worked with mule deer habitat for the BLM during the early 80’s. However, there are no mule deer near where I live now.  Maybe I’ll hunt mulies someday!

I’ve never hunted bear or wolves – but hope to!

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March 2, 2016