Why doesn’t this buck have brow tines?

By Grant Woods,

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I was wondering if you could educate me on this buck. He’s missing brow tines and I was wondering if this is nutrionally or genetically related or both? He’s in central Texas and has lived through bad drought most of his life. This year was better in the spring and early summer with some rain leading to more food available. Will he continue to improve if the weather provides more food and with some supplemental feeding we have on parts of our property or will he never have brow tines?

Thanks for all of your responses on here and Facebook and the knowledge you share on your videos. My favorite part is how you sign off on each video! I love that you use your talents and platform to honor the One who blessed you with it.



Thank you for sharing the encouraging words!

A small percentage of bucks are genetically programed to not produce brow tines.  That doesn’t mean such bucks will pass along this trait because antler potential is strongly linked to the does genetic contribution!  We never know the pedigree of wild deer.  It has been clearly shown that culling doesn’t because the pedigree of the doe or buck isn’t known. j Culling based on antler traits almost always results in fewer bucks that reach maturity and are allowed to express their antler growth potential.

Based on very solid research, I recommend you pass this buck and allow him to mature.  With good herd and habitat conditions I suspect he’ll produce a much better set of antlers in a year or two!

Are there many hogs where you hunt?  I would like to find a place to hunt hogs after deer season.  

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