Why do you take deer home to field dress them?

By Grant Woods,

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Really enjoy your website. Very educational. In Wisconsin, we field dress our deer at the kill site. Why do you take the entire carcass out of the woods and field dress at home? You live in a warmer climate than we do, and I would think you have a greater chance of meat spoilage by delaying field dressing.


Meat spoilage is caused by bacteria.  I can keep the meat much cleaner by taking it to my house and dressing it versus rolling it around in the leaves and dirt.  I also like to weigh each deer and collect other data.

I live on the land where I do most of my hunting so transportation time isn’t a problem.  However, it’s important to remember that deer season opens in South Florida during late July (the rut there is during July and August).  Gun season opens August 15th in the coastal counties of South Carolina,  Often it’s 100+ degrees on opening day of deer season in both these areas and deer spoilage is almost a non issue.  Keeping deer clean is a very important part of the process of enjoying quality venison!

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February 15, 2016