Why do you prefer the video mode on the Reconyx trail cameras?

By Grant Woods,

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What are the advantages of using a trail camera in video mode opposed to regular trail cam mode? Why specifically have you been using a lot of video mode on your cameras?

Thanks, Aaron Hendrix


I was hesitant to try my Reconyx units in video mode. However once I did I switched all my cameras to video mode!  Video allows me to do a much better job of aging bucks because I can see them in multiple postures. I have also identified more bucks this year because there’s no delay when the camera is in video mode.  Bucks walking in late, etc., are still captured.  

Reconyx allows the units to record video as long as there’s movement detected.  So a clip may be 3 seconds or 43 seconds long!  This saves battery life and card space.  It also saves time when reviewing the cards.  Now that I’ve tried it I won’t switch back to still images.

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