Why do the deer vanish from my 40 acres in Dent County, Missouri?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Woods,
First I want to say I love your videos and website.
I have some questions regarding deer on my property. I own 40 acres in Dent County, MO. I have owned this for 4 deer seasons. I have only seen 2 deer while hunting and only 3 deer have been harvested by others on my property. 2012 and 2015 we seen 0 deer. We have game cameras and have tons of deer all year long, but come harvest seasons they are gone. What direction can you send me in to help get info on what I need to do or not do. I am 30 years old and love the outdoors and land management but do not know much but willing to learn. I want a place my kids will see wildlife and share the passion I have. People have told me I need more acres and I have looked into it but money and property connecting to me for sale is always an issue. Thank you and any help is appreciated.


Deer seek food, water, and cover daily and tend to use the best of these resources in their home range.  The “best” resource may not be the best quality, but the one they associate with the least danger.  

If deer are using your property throughout the year except for during season it’s most likely because food sources have changed or the amount of hunting pressure on your property alerts them.  

I’d drive through the neighborhood and evaluate what food sources are available?  For example, is there a standing corn or soybean field close by?  I’d also evaluate if there’s more or less hunting pressure on neighboring properties.  Seek to identify what could be alerting or attracting the deer and I suspect you’ll solve the mystery.

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November 24, 2015