Why do some deer seem to have fewer ticks?

By Grant Woods,

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In my trail cam picks I notice that the larger bucks have fewer ticks between the shoulder blades and on the ears as many of the does and smaller bucks. Is this cause or effect? Are they healthier because they don’t have ticks – or do they keep ticks off because they are healthier? Why are some deer’s ears and shoulder blades just dripping with ticks, but not others in exact same area?

Rev. H. R. Curtis
Worden, IL

I’ve had the same observation here at The Proving Grounds!  For example, one of the larger antlered bucks here now is Chainsaw.  We’ve shown several video clips of him.  It appears Chainsaw has fewer ticks than other bucks and does of the same age class and using the same areas.

I assume for reason Chainsaw doesn’t attract ticks as much as the other deer in the area.  This is only a assumption and I’m not aware of any biological facts to support this assumption.

For comparison, Adam is younger and probably healthier than me.  When we work side by side we seem to get about the same number of ticks – as does the rest of our Team.  

If you learn more on this subject, please share it with me!  

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