Why did you change the bait used to trap raccoons?

By Grant Woods,

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I saw in your latest video you are using fish bait to trap raccoons. In the past I think you were you were using cheap dog food with grape coolade or just dog food. If you could comment on what you used in the past and what you are using today and why the change.


You are correct that I used inexpensive cheap dog food as bait to trap raccoons.  It worked well!  However when trapping the same property year after year critters can get conditioned to avoiding baits/attractants.  I switched to fish food as it has a stronger odor and is relatively inexpensive when purchased in 40 pound bags.  I still prefer egg shells (from breakfast!) and other visual attractors as well as an odorous food source.  

When trapping properties that haven’t been trapped recently dog food, peanut butter, etc., works great!  

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December 29, 2015