Why did this spike shed part of his pedicle with his antler?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Grant, attached is a picture of a small spike shed I found yesterday (1-31) at the farm in Madison County, GA. I have seen this buck numerous times this year on the same plot I found the antler and he seemed quite healthy. As you can see in the picture it appears he has quite a bit of the pedicle attached to the antler base. I have seen this once or twice before and think you mentioned it in one of your shows, but what causes this and what are the consequences for his antler growth going forward??



I suspect that buck had a brain abscess.  There’s been some great research on the causes, etc., of brain abscesses in Georgia.

I suspect the buck that shed that antler will produce a deformed antler next year.  If the skull was penetrated then the buck may die from infection.

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February 5, 2015