Why did I only get pictures of bucks during my trail camera survey?

By Grant Woods,

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hi Mr. Grant this summer i was doing a trail camera survey and at my main camera location i only had bucks show up on camera if anything i had 1-2 does out of august and september and this hunting season at this stand ive only seen one deer and it was a buck so i was just curious why did i only have buck pictures and it was the same bucks over and over by the way so was it just coincidence or is there a good reasoning behind that

– Your Viewer Connor


You may be able to tell if it’s the same buck by studying his antlers.  Antlers are unique – like fingerprints. 

If you only had pictures of one buck and one to two does, you may wish to move your camera to a different location.  Deer may have been alerted to danger in that area. I suggest moving the camera and see if additional deer are photographed.

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November 9, 2015