Why aren’t bucks using the property where I hunt near Gainesville, Florida?

By Grant Woods,

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Mr. Woods,
Last year, my Dad and I finally received permission to hunt on 40 acres in Newberry Florida which is just outside of Gainesville. It is the first time this area has been hunted and all of the hunters in the area agreed to only use bows. Last year, although we were not able to harvest any bucks, our trail cameras were filled with bucks considered huge for this area. After watching many of your videos on property managing and growing “hidey hole” food plots, we attempted to make four of them this summer. However, even though we sprayed each food plot twice before planting, each food plot is overgrown with weeds, and the soybeans that did grow are scarce and are now turning brown. Along with that, we have zero bucks on camera, and only a few does. The surrounding property’s are still getting these bucks on camera, but they are keeping out of our block. I know it would be hard because you have never seen my property before, but if you have any tips for me as for what I could have done wrong and what I could do to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. On a smaller note, I know you probably do not have problems with them is Missouri, but do you have any methods for trapping Rattle Snakes? Thank you for your time!


Congratulations on receiving permission to hunt private property in Florida!  Tracy’s (my wife) brother and sister in law live near Gainesville.  They’ve had plenty of rain this summer and weeds have been more of a problem than normal.  When it’s wet, weed control is tough in that area.

If the property hasn’t been hunted or disturbed for a while, the bucks may be using the property less until they get conditioned to your presence.  Another likely scenario is that there are acorns falling somewhere in the neighborhood.  Deer love acorns and will often abandon other food sources when acorns become available.  Are there acorns available on the property you hunt?

We had encounters with three rattlesnakes at my place this summer.  Tracy found one near our carport.  That was scary!  I’ve never tried to trap snakes.  I did a quick search and found the following link. I doubt it’s practical but found it interesting so I’ll share it with you.  You may wish to check out:  http://www.cahabasnaketrapsales.com/

Have a great season and enjoy creation,