Why are deer in southern Michigan where I hunt not very active during daylight?

By Grant Woods,

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My father just moved onto a 30 acre piece of land in Southwest Michigan. I have 2 Trail Cameras out looking at piles of corn and deer licks, and all I get is pictures/ videos of doe at night. I have yet to have a picture of a buck or any deer in the day time.. Are there any reasons that this may be happening? Any tips? Also, We were only able to set one stand out and we put it sitting next to one of the main deer trails, but I have only seen one deer while out hunting. Any recommendations? Finally, what do you feel the best food plot is for deer when the only place to put a plot is in lower elevation and wet ground? Keep up the great work

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Congratulations on having a new place to hunt!  

Deer tend to be active at night when the daytime temperatures are warmer than normal or they’ve been repeatedly alerted during the daylight.  

Deer tend to move more at night when the temperatures are cooler if the daytime temperatures are warmer than normal for that time of year.  

Deer also may alter when they are active to avoid what they consider threats.  You’ve probably noticed deer in city parks, etc., are often very active during daylight hours.  However, in areas where hunting pressure is high deer tend to be more active during the night.

Try to hunt in such a way that you don’t alert deer while approaching, hunting, and leaving stands/blinds.  Make the property where you hunt a refuge for deer and they will spend more time there!

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November 19, 2015