Why am I seeing more fawns this year?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant, I just had a few questions and wanted to see if they are coincidental or not. It seems as if the deer are not so much interested in the acorns at this point in time. Is it because corn and beans are still readily available in the ag fields? Or are they just attracted to the food plot I have? The plot is comprised of beans, radishes, turnips, beets, clover and brassicas. One other thing I have noticed is that some bucks have been seen on camera with does. It also seems that this year has had a boom in the fawn population. We are located in south central Illinois.


Your observation is odd?  Deer rarely continue eating forage when acorns are available!  That’s great for you as deer are usually much  easier to pattern when they are feeding in plots/fields than chasing acorns.

Most state agencies in the midwest are reporting a substantial decrease in the number of deer. I’m thrilled you are seeing more fawns!  Consider that a blessing!

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