Why am I only seeing does and no bucks?

By Grant Woods,

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hi grant i was wondering. I have been running 3 cameras since mid june to present and have only seen one buck and that was july 4th. Put a have been see a lot of doe and fawn groups. Would a large doe and fawn numbers keep bucks away? I have moved cameras all over my land mineral sites, food plots, trails apple trees. You name it and still no bucks. This really unusal for my land cause i mange it well and have always seen more bucks by now. the only thing different is the number of doe and fawns i been seeing this year. Any thoughts?


Does with young fawns often avoid bucks during the summer.  The two genders act like different species except during the breeding season.  I suspect you’ll start seeing buck sign and bucks soon!  

It’s been a very wet summer here and deer are just starting to change from traditional summer to fall food sources.  If it’s been a good growing season at your place, the bucks may not have switched to the portion of their home range they use during the fall.  If you normally see bucks during the fall I suspect you will again this year.

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