Why am I not seeing or getting pictures of deer?

By Grant Woods,

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Help me out please. First year hunting new land. All through the Summer I have seen many doe and a couple of huge bucks on my cameras. I’ve been feeding corn and I also planted some rye grass. One week before the start of bow season, I seen no deer on my cameras and I have 7 cameras out there. I have been out hunting three times and I haven’t even seen a squirrel. I have bear and coyotes on my land and I haven’t even caught any of them on cam. I am a novice hunter but I have 73 year old mentor and Growing deer TV to help me. What could be the problem


Deer often change the portions of their home range they use about the time bucks shed velvet.  This is often due to a drastic shifts in hormones and preferred food sources changing.  

Deer often abandon shelled corn and food plots when acorns start falling.  This certainly might be the case where you hunt if there are oaks in the area.  I’d try scouting a bit and moving your trail cameras to different locations.  I’d also consider if other food sources such a crop fields being harvested, etc., have occurred in the neighborhood.

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October 19, 2015