Hunting Thick Pines

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My dad and I are managing a 100 acre plot of land that is bordered by a creek on two sides and a small river at one end.  The area is heavily pressured by dogs, as all the hunters in the area are running them.  My dad and I restrict hunting to only stand and still hunting on our property, but the occasional group of dogs runs across our property from time to time.  I am getting into bowhunting heavily as well.

The land consists of 20 acres of cleared land and a mix of thick pines, underbrush and hardwoods in distinct separations.  We have not seen anything from our stands, which are all located in the hardwoods, but we find tracks on a regular basis all throughout the pines.  They are too thick to hunt from the ground.  There are minimal distances you can see if we set up a stand there.  Do you have any suggestions for hunting the deer in the pines or pulling them out of their cover?



Hunting thick pines can be tough!  However there are some techniques that can help.  Deer will seek the easiest path of travel if they feel secure.  I’ve cut paths through thick cover with some openings or shooting lanes, especially for bowhunting.  I’m not describing cutting down large trees, but clearing the brush and vines between and below some of the trees.  Then, hang or place a ground blind with the predominant wind in your favor and create a path for you to approach/leave the stand.  Don’t hunt this stand if the wind is not in your favor.  Deer usually don’t tolerate much disturbance in their sanctuary.  Also, always stalk your stand as deer will also adapt to using the lane created to approach your stand.  If possible, I’d establish this setup on several sides of the pine thicket so you and your father can hunt with any wind direction.

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