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My name is Jacob and I am turning 17 this February.  I think I’ve seen every one of your videos, I love what you do!  When is your next Shed Hunt or Field Day and is it open to the public for people like me?  I know from the videos you charge a small fee.  I would love to be a part of an event at The Proving Grounds.

Jake (New York)


Thank you for watching!  Our 2nd Annual Shed Hunt is scheduled for March 18th-20th.  You are correct in that we charge just enough to cover expenses (hotel room, meals, hat, great prizes, etc.).  I really enjoy sharing what we’ve learned at The Proving Grounds (and other places we work) with fellow hunters and deer managers and learning from them during these events.  There will be several guests from the hunting industry attending also and they love to talk deer with our guests.

I hope to meet you during March!

Growing Deer together,