Food Plots Must Be Fed

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I have 120 acres in northern Missouri.  I planted my first food plot last year with decent results but I had issues with my corn and other plants not reaching full size.  I am planting Eagle Seed beans this season with some type of annual.  Do you have any suggestions for which annual and what type of fertilizer to use?

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Last year most of northern Missouri received feet (literally) of rain more than average.  In places, many of the soil nutrients were likely leached below reach of the plants.  This resulted in small, hungry plants.

Remember plants consume food just like deer, and when they consume the available nutrients in the soil, fertilizer must be added for the next crop to grow well.  Therefore it is very important to sample the soil in food plots each year and add lime and fertilizer according to the recommendation from the soil lab.

Make sure and tell the soil lab what crops you plan to grow so they can recommend the correct type and amount of fertilizer.

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