Whitetail Antler Development

By Grant Woods,

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What percent of antler growth has taken place by the 4th of July?  I have heard 2/3 to 3/4.

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I’m not aware of any published research about the percent to total antler growth by specific dates.  July 4th would be approximately the midpoint of the antler growth season throughout most of the whitetails’ range.  However, I’ve noticed some bucks seem to express a high percentage of their growth early while others appear to stack on the inches during the last portion of July.

This is much like humans.  For example, I was the second tallest kid in my fifth grade class. However, I wasn’t noticeably tall compared to other males in my high school class.  I gained height early while others grew later in their development cycle.

I’ve looked at 20,000+ Reconyx images during the past few weeks and I’d say some bucks have expressed ½ or more of their antler growth and others haven’t grown enough that I can identify them yet.  Unless I see something really unusual, I reserve estimating a buck’s antler potential until August.

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