Which Trail Camera to Buy

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I am interested in getting a game camera but I am a little confused on what to buy.  Do you have any recommendations or what to look for when buying one?



I evaluate trail cameras based on:

  1. Whether they spook deer with noise or flash
  2. Quality of images
  3. Battery life
  4. Value of product (price versus length of service)

I’ve had two Reconyx cameras for more than six years!  Those two older models are still working and in the woods today.  I’ve never had another brand work that long!  In fact, I was using Reconyx cameras years before they became a sponsor.  Many times I’ve been filming a buck while his picture was being taken by a Reconyx camera and I’ve never seen a buck react or act like he knew his picture was being taken.  For me, Reconyx is the best value when considering the criteria listed above.  I suggest you use the criteria I’ve listed above and check out several reviews online before making a selection.

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