Which Reconyx camera do you use?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant..1st, luv the show…I have learned so much about deer, habitat, etc..

Which Reconyx model do you use and why? Ive seen and tried diff low glows, no glows and white flash and Id luv to hear what you say about them…Ive never tried Reconyx before and am looking to try one this next year…



I have several older Reconyx units that are still working fine – including units that are eight years old!

I really like the Reconyx Ultrafire and 900. The Ultrafire takes incredible video.  We usually show some at the start of each http://www.GrowingDeer.com episode and on our Facebook page.

I also like the Reconyx 900. It sends pictures to my email as soon as they are taken and works flawlessly!

Reconyx units have great battery life!

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December 14, 2015