Which grunt call do you use?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,

Over the years, I have seen you and the Growing Deer staff conduct testing on grunt calls. Would it be possible to get your results?

QDMA of Maine attempted to implement a increase in minimum antler required for a legal harvest. This would allow Spike horn bucks a “Free Pass” and make the min a 3 pointer with three inches of length. They were met with staunch objections from fellow hunting groups and local sportsman media, sighting the failure of the same antler size requirement in Conn. Everything I learned in college 30 yrs ago co-insides with your management plan and the QDMA, Any suggestions on how to change the mindset?

Thank you for showing trapping, prescribe burning, TSI and the host of other segments that are a part of the “Big Picture” and not just another kill shot of a buck that most of us rarely see.

Thank You for your time

Christopher Shedyak


Thank you for being part of the GrowingDeer Team!  

We are still testing different grunt calls.  I haven’t found one that has the correct tone and rhythm yet.  

I’ve found that deer management changes are the easiest to make and most readily accepted when they are proposed through education rather than legislation.  Most humans don’t like change- they certainly don’t want to be forced to change.  Therefore showing folks better systems by example seems to be more effective than trying to force change through legislation.  For example, Tracy and I have owned The Proving Grounds 13 years.  None of our neighbors would even listen to our form of deer and habitat management.  I didn’t attempt to force my ways.  I simply continued doing what was right, knowing many great young bucks would be tagged on neighboring lands.  

Through time and example many of the neighbors have started using the deer management guidelines I follow.  We’ve now started a neighborhood Deer Management Coop. This would have been impossible if I hadn’t continued doing what I thought was correct and gently sharing information.

I encourage you to gently share good information and work for a positive change by setting the example.

Enjoy creation,