Which forage attracts the most deer?

By Grant Woods,

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I have put a ton of time, effort, and money into making 2015 a successful season. However, I am running into a few problems. The property we lease is a fantastic deer habitat (tons of food, cover, & water). The only thing wrong with that is I am having a hard time seeing any deer movement during shooting hours. I almost think that when these deer are feeding, they have so many options to choose from, why would they choose my areas over somewhere else?
Overall, I would like to know which type for forage/foodplot would best maximize my chances of seeing deer throughout different times of the year?

– Bryce


Deer are very selective feeders.  They tend to eat the best food within their home range that they don’t associate with danger.  They may avoid the best food source, at least till after dark, and eat secondary choices if they associate the best food source with danger.  

Typically during the spring and summer (the growing season) deer prefer forage that are high in protein and are very digestible such as soybeans.  Once deer shed their summer coats they prefer foods high in carbohydrates such as grains or acorns.  

I suggest you focus on food sources that are high in energy this time of year and sources of those foods that deer don’t associate with danger.

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