Which Eagle Seed variety should I plant in Kentucky?

By Grant Woods,

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I am planting a good plot in Kentucky I plan on planting soybeans what eagle seed soybeans would you recommend for my area and also I want a attraction early season and late season? I also would like to over seed this plot before season opener which is in September what could I over seed with and can I just broadcast or is there another method I should do ? My last question is what would be best to over seed with ?


Sounds like you have a good plan!  The soil types vary widely throughout Kentucky.  If the soils where you wish to establish Eagle Seed soybeans tends to be dry I recommend the Big Fellow variety.  If the soils are dark and tend to hold moisture I recommend the Wildlife Manager’s blend.  Always do a soil test!  Testing the soil and adding the recommended amount of lime and fertilizer is critical to the success of whatever you plant! Malnourished forage doesn’t attract deer or grow well!

I over seed the Eagle Seed soybeans with Broadside and this technique has worked great for me! I simply over seed the beans about 45 to 60 days before the first average frost date during the fall. I wait and broadcast the seed just before or during a rain.

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November 19, 2015