Where should I place a stand near this pinch point?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Woods,

I am looking at a topographical map of my property and have found what I think may be a very fruitful pinch point. How would you recommend setting up a stand on this pinch point? (The valleys that go north and north east around the 750) I have provided the topo map and the hybrid map. Also, this land was clear cut about 5 years ago so it is one big blackberry thicket.

Thank you,
Andrew Williams


I really like hunting stands placed near pinch points!  In general I like stands as high on the ridge as possible because the wind direction almost always remains more constant near the top of the ridge.  Another big consideration for me is the approach and exit strategy. I wish to be able to approach, hunt, and exit without alerting the deer I wish to hunt. I mention this as you stated this area was a clearcut. Do deer use commonly use it as a bedding area? If so, can you approach this stand without alarming deer?

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January 6, 2016