Where is a good source of information about pruning fruit trees?

By Grant Woods,

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Pruning Trees.
Grant, I have planted a lot of Pears, Apples, Pecan and Persimmons. I am trying to cultivate native persimmons and apples as well.
I know that pruning is very important, but it’s very hard to find applicable, accurate info on pruning, particularly for wildlife trees.

When I search for pruning videos, there are too many choices and even when I find a video that seems to be made by a knowledgable individual, it’s nearly impossible to find specific instruction related to the needs of my tree plots and what is needed to grow “successful” tree plots for wildlife.

I hope many other GDTV fans can benefit from any advice you can offer.
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I’m not aware of a good species specific guide to pruning fruit trees.  The folks at http://www.FlatwoodNatives.com offer great advice.  I suggest reach out to them!

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January 12, 2016