Where is a good place to purchase traps?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant.I live in sand hills in E. Tx. and for the first time I purchased some sorgum for a food plot. Did I make a mistake for a fall planting? I also have wildlife feed combo and some clover. My plot is only 1/3 of an acre. Also my land has coyotes and I am going to try to trap some. I have looked at episodes 270 an 271, but would like the videos. Also what would be a good place to get traps and how to prepare them before putting them out. I know it’s a lot of questions so thank you for your help. Oh, I am 75 and love hunting although time is catching up.

Joe Wilkerson

Mr. Wilderson, 

In most areas sorghum does best when planted during the early to mid summer.  Depending on the variety sorghum usually requires 75 or more days to mature.  I doubt sorghum will produce grain if planted this late – even in east Texas.  Sorghum seed is relatively hardy and the seed should keep till next summer if stored in a cool, dry location.  

All of our episodes are available 24/7/365 at http://www.GrowingDeer.tv. We don’t have any of the episodes available on DVD, etc.  

I get all of the traps I use from http://www.DukeTraps.com or http://www.BassPro.com.  There’s some neat instructions about how to prepare traps, etc., at http://www.tacticaltrappingservices.com.  

My father is 84 and will be hunting with me later this week. I hope you are blessed with many more years of hunting!

Enjoy creation,