Where can I find more information about GrowingDeer internships?

By Grant Woods,

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I want to start of by saying I love Growing Deer TV. Me and my father have learned so much about deer management from your show. I am actually going to start college August of this year. I am going to major in Wildlife Ecology and Managment. Ever since my grandfather took the world record whitetail in 1985 my family had been helping others improve their hunting farms. I have created a passion for it and it’s turning into a career. Watching Dr. Grant has motivated me even more to become more like him. I hope to one day be as successful as he has become. In Growing Deer TV there are always a couple interns. I was wanting some information on how to become an intern for Dr. Grant. I have been studying and preparing myself in every way. I would be completely honored to become an intern under him. That’s one of my goals before starting my own show and career. If You could send me information or what I need to do become an intern I would greatly appreciate it. This would be an amazing opportunity for myself. I want to be able to learn from and help Dr. Grant. Thank you for producing the show and always showing you’re faith. I have been praying for an opportunity to work with Dr. Grant. Thank you for your time and future information.
God Bless
Isaiah Bromm


Thank you for sharing the kind words and for watching GrowingDeer!  There’s lots of information about the GrowingDeer internships at:  https://www.growingdeer.tv/view/growingdeer-internship-opportunities/

Who was your grandfather (I don’t follow record book whitetails closely).

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January 10, 2016