Where are the bucks on my lease in Tennessee?

By Grant Woods,

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this is my first season on a lease northwest of crossville tn off hwy 70. its a 1500 acre active farm. they grow green beans, soy beans and corn. they have harvested everything except the corn and they are waiting for it to reach the right moisture content before cutting it. they have planted winter wheat in the fields after harvest. there are miles of edge around the large fields. the woods are mostly hardwoods, oak and hickory. there are deer tracks all over the fields and some are very large. we scouted a large portion of the woods and found only one small scrape and no rubs anywhere. we know there are bucks but can find no evidence of them. we were wanting to hang some stands but couldn’t figure out where to put them. The place is to big to scout in one season. are the bucks in the corn maybe? we have jumped several does from the fields but no sigh of a buck. any suggestions?
thanks wayne


If the other crops have recently been harvested then there’s a good chance the bucks are feeding on and/or living in the corn.  

Are there many acorns in the area?  Deer love acorns and may be feeding in the timber and bedding in the corn.  I suggest you spend an afternoon simply glassing fields from a distance.  This is an easy way to pick up travel patterns, etc.  I also suggest talking to the farmer. If he’s farmed that property for a while he probably knows where the deer are time time of year based on past experience!

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October 26, 2015