When will most does be receptive in Virginia?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant , here in Virginia our gun season comes in this Saturday . My question is when is the rutting season start here , been seeing scraps and rubs . Large bucks are moving after sunset and before sunrise , by the photos we’ve been getting . Plenty of places for bedding down , had logging done on parts of property and we know they are learning it . Looking forward to a great season , waiting for you reply . Thank you


Unless the deer herd’s adult sex ratio has been managed to strongly favor bucks the majority of does will become receptive from approximately November 10th through the 25th.  A whitetail’s gestation period is approximately 200 days.  Most fawns are born during mid-late May through early June.  

Some folks describe the rut as when bucks are most active.  This occurs just before most does are receptive – so during approximately November 5th – 10th. is prime hunting time throughout much of the whitetail’s range.

Missouri’s gun season opens this weekend and as along as the daytime temperature are not warmer than normal it should be a good season!

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November 9, 2015