When should I apply lime?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Dr. Woods,

I’m going to plant some soybean food plots this year on our southern Ohio property and have a question about lime. I will be taking soil samples this spring before any seed gets put in the ground, but I assume I will need to add lime. When is the best time to add this? The fields are grassy and have been put up in hay the last several years. I plan to spray them with glyphosate in early spring, then no till drill the seeds later. Should I apply the lime well before spraying, or just before I plant? Thanks so much for all the great info you share!

Matt Hooper,

Sounds like you have the makings of a great food plot. You are taking all the correct steps to making it as productive as possible. I would recommend adding lime to this areas as soon as you can. Lime usually takes roughly 6 months to fully incorporate and activate itself into the soil changing the pH. Many conventional ag-farmers apply lime during the month of November so that the soil is ready for planting in the spring. Not to worry though, the soil will become balanced during the growing season so beans will have healthy soil to grow in. 

You have a great plan, be sure to take the necessary recommendations when you receive the soil tests. This will increase the quantity and quality of your soybeans! 

GrowingDeer Together,

Matt Dye