When should I add Antler Dirt?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Grant, love what your doing and all the info you share. I have a question in regards to adding antler dirt. Our land id in the hills of the finger lakes region of NY. Our property and most of the surrounding property’s are all woods. So were in the process of clearing out 2 acres for a food plot. We cutting the trees down, chunking up for firewood and leaving the stumps for the dozer. Our soil is pretty poor, gretor silt loam (not rocky). Ive been thinking of adding some antler dirt soon after the dozer clears out the stumps but what’s the best way to do it. Land has a gradual slope and I’m worried that about it running off over the coarse of a few rains.
Should I simply apply and the seed, till up the soil then add the dirt? Appreciate your time, Merry xmas to you and your family and staff!!


Once the stumps are removed and limbs picked up I try to never disk a plot again! Disking can lead to erosion and soil compaction. I haven’t disk a plot in more than a decade.  

I suggest you plant the plot and once the forage is three inches tall or so add Antler Dirt!  The forage will help control erosion of the Antler Dirt.  

If you continue with good soil management practices (no disking) there will be a layer of duff on the ground throughout the year and you will build soil versus losing soil to erosion and the roots and earth worms will break up compacted soil!

It may be helpful to rip the plot after the stumps are removed as the felling of trees and heavy equipment tends to severally compact soil.  This means water will run off versus seep in and roots won’t be able to penetrate the soil.

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December  10, 2015