What’s your thoughts on milo versus corn for food plots?

By Grant Woods,

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My land is 170 acres in very southern Louisiana. Milo seems to grow well for us, so I’m wondering what are the advantages vs. disadvantages of milo for deer? 40 acres of the land is plantable and is the only plantable land around other than sugarcane. The rest is swampland and hardwoods. We try to plant large areas of soybean and milo then smaller areas of clover, buckwheat, peas, corn. With the price of milo alot cheaper than corn I was just wondering your thoughts on milo.



It’s often easier to control weeds in Roundup Ready corn compared to milo. Multiple herbicides are usually required to control weeds in milo.  Another consideration is that milo grain is exposed and corn is protected.  Hence, corn typically last much longer in the field than milo.  Birds can remove a huge percentage of milo crops rapidly.  This is one primary reason farmers then to harvest milo rapidly after it’s ripe.  Again corn is protected.  

Corn often produces many more bushels per acre compared to milo.  I prefer corn over milo for these and more reasons.  

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October 27, 2015