What’s wrong with this doe?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello sir!

I hope you are enjoying the start of deer season. I saw that you are hunting with your father. I hope you enjoy your time and make some great memories.

There is no rush. But when you have a second, could you tell me what you think may be wrong with this deer?

God Bless!



It appears this doe is molting.  Deer shed all their hair twice a year.  During the spring they replace their winter coat with shorter, reddish hair.  This allows deer to remain cooler during the summer.  During the early fall (usually around late August) deer shed the shorter, reddish hair and replace it with a much longer darker hair. The longer hair traps more hair and serves as insulation. The darker cooler absorbs more of the sun’s energy and keeps the deer warmer.  

Enjoy creation,