What’s wrong with this buck’s nose?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Dr Grant,

First, thank you for your videos. We have been using a lot of your tips on my parents 16 acres. After 3 years, we have seen an increase in deer activity as well as an increase in mature deer. We were able to take a very nice deer in early October. We had an interesting picture turn up on our cameras. Wondering what you thought is the health issue with this deer? We are located in North Central Indiana. We are hoping it is just an old deer, but the muzzle is definitely distorted. This is the only picture we had of this deer or any other deer that looks like this.

Thank you for your time,


I suspect this buck suffered an injury to his nose/face.  I doubt there’s any reason for concern.  

It sounds like your management efforts are paying off nicely!

Congratulations and enjoy creation,


November 28, 2015