What’s the minimum acreage that can be managed successfully for deer?

By Grant Woods,

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what is the minimum acreage that can be managed, we have 267 of planted pines ( 150 ) and hardwoods. the farmers , growing cotton and peanuts , surround us hunt Very hard off of 2 large food plots bordering our property. (we think the mex help are feeding the locals ) they also hunt with dogs in the area. we find that few deer of any type show during the daylight. we run 3 feeders year round. we are just starting some small food plots. I am planning a burn the hardwoods this winter. .


The minimum acreage that can be successfully managed for deer depends on your goals and the actions of neighbors.  

The better the quality habitat the smaller deer home ranges tend to be.  However, its rare for deer to have a home range size less than a half mile. It’s also rare for deer’s home range to be centered in a property. Deer frequently have ranges that overlap on neighboring properties.  The best case scenario is when neighbors have similar deer management goals. 

That doesn’t sound like the case where you hunt. I’d consider altering your goals to fit the neighborhood or trading properties for one with neighbors that share your deer management goals.

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December 10, 2015