What’s the best warm season forage crop to plant for deer in southern Alabama?

By Grant Woods,

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I hunt in southeast Alabama, just your average hunter on a budget. What is the best thing I can plant for spring and summer that are low maintenance and not overly expensive? Was thinking peas or soybeans. We hunt 600 acres and have 8 established food plots. What are your thoughts?


I manage some properties in southern Alabama and we’ve had great success with forage soybeans from http://www.EagleSeed.com.  I often plant the Big Fellow variety.  This variety is very drought resistant and it seems there’s frequently periods of drought during the summer in south Alabama.  Eagle Seed forage soybeans are Roundup Ready which makes weed control easy.  

Soybeans are very high quality forage and also produce pods that are high in protein and energy.  Unless the plots are small/there are a lot of deer in the area forage soybeans are my favorite warm season food plot crop.  This is because they provide great forage during the summer and grain during the winter.  I often simply broadcast a winter mix over the beans during the late summer so there’s a crop growing during the winter.  This plan provides tons of quality forage and helps build better soil! This is the same rotation I use at my property.

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October 13, 2015