What’s the best method to apply lime to relative small food plots?

By Grant Woods,

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I have a question about liming that i’d like to run by you….
I have 5 small food plots between 1/4-1acres in size. I need to fix the ph levels after deer season. I want a long-term fix instead of short-term from using expensive pelletized lime.
These food plots are too small to use a lime truck with a belt-driven lime spreader. What would you suggest I do in order to fix my ph problems with either bulk ag lime or bulk bagged pulverized lime. Should I have the co-op deliver ag lime and use a shovel to spread it?

-Travis Hull


If there road access to the plots, it’s probably less expensive to allow the lime truck to spread a bit of the lime off the plot than pay for pelletized lime.  

The native vegetation will benefit from the lime and the cost of bulk ag lime spread by a truck is much less expensive any other source of lime.

It will be very difficult to spread lime eveningly and at the rate required by using a shovel or other hand tools.

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January 21, 2016